Genuine Australian Healthcare

All Natural Life™ products are:

  • 100% Australia Made & Owned
  • Listed with Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Halal Certified by AFIC (Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.)
  • Meet International GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Lifetime Health Products began in 1996 with a simple philosophy: to set high standards in the supply of quality natural health products with a level of customer service second to none.

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History of Lifetime Health

Natural Life - The ‘Fair Dinkum’ Aussie Health Line

A very popular Aussie colloquium is ‘fair dinkum”. It’s used to emphasize the genuineness or truth of something. When an Aussie tells you something is ‘fair dinkum’, you can rest assured it’s the real deal.

‘Fair dinkum’ can easily be applied to the range of Natural Life products manufactured by Lifetime Health Products which fittingly is headquartered on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. This area has many protected Australian nature reserves and parks which are known as the "Aussie bush" which company founder and CEO Antony Adare says provides ingredients for some of the Natural Life products.

"The Australian Bush is a magical and mythical place, full of unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and rich with cultural history.  But also full of natural medicines. The Australian Aboriginals were highly skilled natural healers, and some of their most potent medicines were made from natural bush remedies.” he says, "We source the highest quality raw ingredients from land and sea primarily throughout Australia & New Zealand, or other depending on the quality and availability, and most importantly the best that nature can supply.”

"Then through science, research and development, we strive to deliver them in their purest natural state, so customers can enjoy the benefit of 100% pure, natural and effective health products.”

Many of the Natural Life products contain Propolis and Manuka honey. Propolis is produced by bees and used to to sterilize their hives and protect them from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Much like a coat of armour, propolis protects the hive from infection due to its potent antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Propolis has been valued as a natural means to fight infection for centuries. Recently it has been rediscovered as a nutrient packed superfood, and for its amazing disease-fighting powers.

Natural Life Manuka honey comes from bees feeding on the native Australian Manuka plant or 'Jelly Bush.' harvested from unpolluted natural ecosystems along the East Coast of Australia and has been scientifically tested for the antibacterial agent METHYGLYOXAL (MGO).

One of the most ideal ways to get the benefits of both Propolis and Manuka honey is through Natural Life™ Propolis & Manuka Spray.

All Natural Life products are made in compliance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing and listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration  (TGA) a further guarantee of quality and integrity.

The TGA is the same body responsible for Australian pharmaceutical and prescription medicines and is generally recognized as having the world’s best practice framework for regulating complementary medicines. This means all products that carry the TGA seal of approval, guarantee they actually contain the ingredients listed on the label, ensuring the ingredients are safe, in the right quantities, and recommended at the right dosage.

Adare founded Lifetime Health Products in 1996 with a very simple philosophy - to set high standards in the supply of quality natural health products. Under his leadership, the company has maintained this commitment, bringing its unique range of high quality Australian Made natural health products under the Natural Life Brand, to a growing number of people in Australia and around the world.

'With the health, vitality and general well being of our customers in mind, we continue to research and develop natural health products so as to offer an ever-expanding range of natural health solutions for people of all ages and needs, including a daily probiotics line for children and babies. These are great for fussy kids; and adults; who normally turn their noses up at any sort of health supplement."

The daily Natural Life™ Kid Pro Probiotics and Natural Life™ Baby Pro Probiotics are great tasting and help to top up healthy bacteria in the digestive system. It’s the balance between the different types of bacteria found in our digestive tract that creates a healthy digestive system helping nutrient absorbption and aiding immune health.

Natural Life Probiotics range uses a manufacturing process that ensures the preservation of the probiotics without the need to refrigerate, great for busy mum’s or those on the run.

All of the fair dinkum Natual Life products can be found in countries as diverse as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

Meet The Team

Antony Adare
CEO, Founder
Antony is the CEO and founder of Lifetime Health Australia. Antony's interest in natural health led him to discover the benefits of bee products and the Natural Life™ brand was born soon after. Under Antony's leadership, the business has grown to include more than 40 products sold in outlets throughout Australia and across the globe. Antony remains the primary point of contact for our valued clientele. His personable manner, genuine interest and willingness to support clients is reflected by the credibility and trust Lifetime Health enjoys within the market. Antony is continually growing the business, expanding the Natural Life™ range, developing new business and creating private label products to establish Lifetime Health as a specialist in niche Australian health products.
Leanne Cochrane
Office Manager
Leanne joined the team at Lifetime health in April of 2016. Leanne is a former NSW Senior Constable of Police, with years of practical and administrative experience in the legal sector, along with construction industry experience. A former Hotelier also, Leanne brings along fine tuned skills in office management, accounts and administration. Leanne provides excellent service to our retail, export and global customers, assisting with sales, invoicing, purchase, production and general enquiries.
Marciel Nanura
Warehouse Manager
Marciel is responsible for managing the busy warehouse at Lifetime Health Australia. Marciel has worked in warehouse management for more than 18 years, is highly organised and takes pride in running a clean and functional warehouse. Marciel works closely with office staff, clients and contractors to co-ordinate the shipment of Natural Life™ and other brands to our local retail network and to international stockists throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Marciel enjoys working with natural health products, appreciates the friendly, family environment at Lifetime Health and loves working so close to his home.
Felicity Kirby
Marketing Manager
Felicity has been responsible for marketing and communications at Lifetime Health since 2016. Her role includes managing the Lifetime Health website and building the Natural Life™ brand on and offline. This involves developing content for online audiences, establishing a strong web presence, generating PR activity and managing promotional activities. Felicity is a key support to Natural Life™ retailers, creating in-store POS, and promotional materials as well as generating press coverage and advertising in relevant media for Natural Life™ products. Felicity has many years' experience in the health industry and enjoys working in the natural health field.

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