Genuine Australian Healthcare

All Natural Life™ products are:

  • 100% Australia Made & Owned
  • Listed with Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Halal Certified by AFIC (Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.)
  • Meet International GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice)

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Affiliate Partnership with Lifetime Health

If you have a health store, website or other online health service, you may be able to benefit from an affiliate partnership with Lifetime Health products.

An affiliate partnership allows you to generate income from product sales with no investment outlay and without the expense of carrying stock.

How? It’s easy!

When you become an affiliate of Lifetime Health, you simply add one of our linked text or banner advertisements to your website or blog. If one of your site visitors clicks our advertisement then purchases from our site, you earn a generous 25% commission!

With a Lifetime Affiliate partnership, you can offer your site visitors more natural health products and generate additional income from your website with little to no effort.

All sales are independently tracked and payments are made automatically to your account through Australia's largest affiliate network administrator, clixGalore.

You can choose from a range of Lifetime Health advertisements, or we can create one to match a specific product to your site. The choice is yours!

All you have to do is sign-up for our program through clixGalore.

Lifetime Health Affiliate Partnership Overview

  • No joining fees
  • A high commission rate of 25% per sale
  • Orders from your website visitors to our site are automatically approved through clixGalore (an independent affiliate network administrator).
  • 90 day tracking
  • Independent tracking and reporting through clixGalore
  • Independent payment processing through clixGalore.

5 Great Reasons to sign up for an affiliate partnership with Lifetime Health

  1. Increase your product offering to clients
  2. Increase product sales without carrying stock
  3. Align yourself with a leading brand of natural health products
  4. Generate passive income through increased online sales
  5. Tailor advertising to suit your products

How Do You Join?

Visit our page on clixGalore.

We’ll receive notification of your interest from clixGalore, and will assess each application on an individual basis. Most affiliates are approved within 48 hours.

Lifetime Health is a reputable and well-established natural health brand with many customers worldwide. We seek to align ourselves with similarly reputable websites and blogs that exhibit quality design, products and services related to natural health and wellbeing.

Approved applicants will be notified by email and assisted with implementation of the advertisements on their site. The process is simple, and of course, if any assistance is required you can contact Lifetime Health at any time.

Join today!

Visit our page on clixGalore.

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