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Since their discovery over 30 years ago, numerous analyses and studies of the Green Lipped Mussel have revealed amazing healing properties, notably their effect on inflammation in the body and the easing of symptoms of chronic arthritis and rheumatism...


Boost skin health, look radiant and feel great with 99.9% pure Squalene.

Much like vitamin E, squalane creates a barrier between the skin and the environment so the skin can better retain moisture as it protects the external layer of the epidermis at the same time.

If you’re considering creating a skin regimen based on this oil, you should first learn a bit more about why so many skin care experts find it effective and whether or not you risk suffering any side effects from its use. Squalane as a Moisturiser, squalane is produced naturally by the body, the production of this chemical slows drastically after age thirty, thus contributing to dry skin. Using a moisturizer with squalane may help restore the proper balance of the skin’s oils.


The number of health supplements available for children has increased alot recently – you can buy them in health food stores, pharmacies - even in supermarkets. Does your child really need health supplements?


It’s no secret that heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death and disease in Australia. The statistics are frightening, but the good news is you have more power to prevent heart disease than you think.

The National Heart Foundation acknowledges increasing age and a family history of heart disease as ‘non-modifiable risk factors,’ which we simply can’t control...


Celebration time...... 5 things you CAN do to survive the holidays with your health, sanity and waistline in order!

Christmas, New Year and the holidays are almost here! November and December is such a busy time as we start to finalise our ‘to do’ list for the year. It’s also full of parties, shopping and end-of-year events - no wonder people get a little stressed!

Rather than listing all the things you shouldn’t do these holidays, we’re going to give you 5 things you CAN do to survive the holidays  with your health, sanity and waistline in order!


Bee Products: The Original Superfoods

In his book ‘Superfoods, The Food and Medicine of the Future,’ David Wolfe calls bee products ‘The original superfoods.’

Why does this world expert on superfoods give bee products this prestigious label? The Oxford dictionary defines a superfood as ‘A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.’

Bee products are some of the most nutrient-rich natural foods on the planet!


The advantages of Omega-3 intake are certainly outstanding, but how do you get it and how much is sufficient? 


The advantages of Omega-3 intake are certainly outstanding, but how do you get it and how much is sufficient? 

As a result of today’s lifestyle and our Western diet, most people’s Omega-3 levels are way too low.

For good health, it is recommended to get at least two servings of non-fried fish per week.  Oily fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are good sources of Omega-3 and are easily absorbed by the body.  


Gut health and good health – with 3 natural tips!


In the old days, when a child or baby showed good health or resistance to infections, people would say they had a ‘good constipation.’

What it really meant was that they had a great natural immune function - strong and resilient. But how do you get one? We've got three natural suggestions for you, such as Manuka Honey and natural herbs. 


We’re so conditioned to thinking that fat is bad for us, but there are some fats, like Lecithin, we simply can’t live without.

What is lecithin?

Lecithin is a lipid – a fat required for many processes in the body. Natural Life™ Lecithin is a pure soy-based lecithin supplement widely used to support fat metabolism, normal cholesterol levels and liver support. Here are few ways Lecithin helps keep your body ticking:

  • Lecithin is an important component of cell membranes, vital for healthy growth and function of cells.
  • Lecithin is present in the protective sheaths surrounding your brain and nerves and is an important support for a healthy liver.
  • It contains choline, a B vitamin related to brain development, memory and reduced blood pressure.
  • Lecithin is a source of linoleic acid and linolenic acids, which work with other fatty acids to support cardio health, maintain normal cholesterol levels and manage inflammation in the body.

It's improtant to inderstand the function of probiotics and factors affecting bacteria in the gut. Read our latest article to find out what you need to know about chirldren's gut funtion and what to look for in a probiotic. 

Why should you care about your child’s digestive bacteria?

The gut microflora is slowly colonised over the first years of life and once colonised will generally be set for life. Probiotics after this time are generally passed through the digestive system (transient) and may be needed to be taken regularly to provide benefits. Therefore early exposure (via mother’s influence or a supplementary source) may have lifetime implications on health and wellbeing, digestive function and systemic immunity.

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