Many items found in skin ‘care’ products may do more harm than good for your skin and your health.

Next time you make a skincare purchase, consider these 5 reasons to choose chemical-free skincare:

1. Your skin not only releases toxins, it absorbs them too.  The skin is the largest organ in the body. We all know that toxins pass out of the body in our sweat, but did you know your skin absorbs toxins this way too?  The skin absorbs external chemicals and pollution from the environment. We unwittingly add to this problem by applying more toxins through our daily skincare routine, defeating the purpose of skin ‘care.’

2.  Skincare labels don’t always list the chemical additives.  Most skincare products list the active ingredients, but there are many other ingredients used to preserve, colour, add texture or fragrance skincare products, which have nothing to do with effectiveness. Lathering agents, oils, preservatives and volumisers are cheap ways to ‘bulk’ up cosmetic products. They make the products more appealing to our sensory expectations but tend to be the ugliest ingredients found in beauty products.

3. Some chemicals in skincare actually cause damage, including premature ageing - to the skin.  Mineral oils for example are known to coat the skin, clog pores and prevent the release of toxins, leading to skin conditions such as acne. As well as in skincare, mineral oils are used in lubricants, coolers and sealants (!).  They are known to reduce skin cell function and prevent cell regeneration, contributing to premature ageing.  Alcohol is also used in may ckincare items. It's drying effect strips skin of its protective layers leaving it exposed to bacteria and fungi. 

4. Many of these chemicals present other health hazards –  Parabens and Sulfates found in most commercial cosmetic are linked to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. They often cause allergic reactions to the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract and are consistently linked to disrupted normal hormone function. You’ll find sulfates and parabens in many soaps and hair care products, as well as in cleaning agents, detergents and degreasers. Some of the colours and fragrances used cosmetics are derived from coal tar, associated with headaches, nausea and fatigue.

5.  Daily use exacerbates the problem –These toxic chemicals are in products we use in the home multiple times each day. Think of your own daily exposure. From shampoos and conditioners, to soaps, hairspray, cosmetics, facial creams, cleansers, body lotions and sun care protectors. We even put them on our kids with moisturizers, bubble baths and oils!  Where do these chemicals go?  Evidence shows that over time, these chemicals build up in our system, entering the bloodstream, and eventually reaching our vital organs. 

If given the choice, would you really add these chemicals to your diet?  You have a choice. Choose wisely!



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