The Australian Bush is a magical place, full unique wildlife and picturesque landscapes, but did you also know that it's full of natural medicines?     


The Australian Bush is a magical and mythical place, full unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes and rich with cultural history.  But did you also know that it is full of natural medicines?  The Australian Aboriginals, were highly skilled natural healers, and some of their most potent medicines were made from natural bush remedies.  Two such remedies that are both widely used by modern society are natural Eucalyptus Oil and Tee Tree Oil.    

Eucalyptus Oil is taken from a plant of the same name, whose dried leaves and the oil taken from them have been used for thousands of years for a variety of medicinal purposes.  Some of the most common recommendations for eucalyptus leaf are that of treating fever, upset stomach, and coughing.  There is promising evidence that it can help skin problems such as acne, as well as helping to heal wounds. The latest studies are focusing on whether this oil can be applied for joint pain, skin healing and even genital herpes.

Eucalyptus oil is far too powerful to ingest directly, or even to apply to the skin.  All Eucalyptus oil for human use is diluted, in order to protect the body.  Once the substance is diluted in intensity it can easily be applied to the skin as rub, inhaled (with steam) or even used in balms and lotions.  

Eucalyptus oil can even be used a natural cleaning agent in your home, protecting your family from harsh chemicals while still providing all the antibacterial protection you need not to mention adding a lovely natural fragrance to the home!

Like Eucalyptus Oil, Tea tree oil comes from a native Australian plant – the Melaleuca - has been used medicinally by the Australian Aboriginals throughout their history.  Modern medicine has recognised the healing properties of Tee Tree Oil for more than 6 decades.  Tee Tree Oil is derived from distilled steam collected from the Melaleuca alternifolia – a plant native to NSW – and is generally sold in its purest form, often at 100%. 

Tea tree oil is a versatile agent used for healing cuts, wounds and abrasions and warding off infections.  It is listed as having antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and is sometimes recommended for more specific skin conditions such as nail fungus, athlete's foot, dandruff, ringworm and acne.   You can even use Tee Tree Oil to soothe bites from some of the bugs you may also find in the Australian bush! 

Tee Tree Oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides soothing relief as well as a disinfectant action.  Like Eucalyptus Oil, it also has a pleasant, clean and natural smell. 

Both of these beautiful oils are not only found in the Australian bush, but also most Australian household bathrooms and medicine cabinets!  They are a wonderful, frangrant and healthy addition to body lotions and soaps, and a beautiful reminder of the remarkable country from which they are produced.