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It's improtant to inderstand the function of probiotics and factors affecting bacteria in the gut. Read our latest article to find out what you need to know about chirldren's gut funtion and what to look for in a probiotic. 

Why should you care about your child’s digestive bacteria?

The gut microflora is slowly colonised over the first years of life and once colonised will generally be set for life. Probiotics after this time are generally passed through the digestive system (transient) and may be needed to be taken regularly to provide benefits. Therefore early exposure (via mother’s influence or a supplementary source) may have lifetime implications on health and wellbeing, digestive function and systemic immunity.


Bees: the tiny little creatures that buzz from flower to flower, drinking nectar and making the long trip home to make their hives and their honey, have made some incredible contributions to human health.

To some, bees are annoying, or even scary, but they make two substances that have amazing properties for supporting our health and wellbeing.

The first is one you surely know about: honey. The sweet, sticky substance that sweetens your tea, which bees make for their food, has wonderful properties that can alleviate soreness and infection. More specifically, Manuka honey, produced in Australian by pees that pollinate the Manuka bush, has received special attention because of its health properties above and beyond conventional honey.

The second, called propolis, might be something you have never heard about before. It is the waxy or resin-like substance, also known as bee glue, is used to make the beehive. Its use for medicinal purposes has dated back to as early as 350 B.C.


The skin benefits of Propolis Extract are abundant.

It is one of the only substances in the world, scientists say, known to contain nearly all of the vitamins and nutrients needed to sustain life.

Unlike honey, Propolis is derived from the sap of coniferous trees, such as pine and hemlock trees, which never lose their leaves. Bees are able to convert this sap into a sticky resin, which is said to range in color from brown to green. The bees then use the Propolis like a glue, or concrete, to hold their hive together.


The Natural Life team is proud of their new display  hive at Sydney Airport.

Our farmers cultivate Australian Manuka plants (locally known as 'jelly bush') so we can enjoy locally produced Manuka Honey.

Natural Life™ Manuka Honey is a premium grade, pure, hand harvested Australian honey from beehives along the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia.


Kids get into all kinds of trouble when they’re playing outdoors, but you wouldn’t have it any other way! Propolis liquid or spray can help with cold sores, bumps and scratches, and also with injuries that aren’t accident-induced.

Childhood scrapes and sores are a part of growing up, but it doesn’t have to slow your kids down! The antibacterial and antiseptic properties in propolis help keep germs out so scratches and sores don’t become infected. And if an infection has already taken hold, propolis can help treat and heal.

Here's a few things Propolis can be helpful to improve discomfort and speed up the healing process :

  •  Grazes, scrapes, cuts and abrasions
  •  Mosquito bites
  •  Other insect bites and stings
  •  Cold sores
  •  Wind-burn
  •  Pimples/acne, inflamed skin A natural propolis liquid or spray is an excellent product to carry in your handbag – especially if you are a mother of young children.

Propolis spray is easy as it's available in liquid or spray form, making it easy to apply to children’s skin. Alternatively Propolis liquid can easily be applied with a cotton swab, just as you would with any other topical treatment. Propolis contains antibiotic properties which may be why direct application improves and quickens the healing process. Whatever the factor, natural propolis liquid helps heal wounds and skin irritations fast!

Propolis is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help ease the inflammation and pain. It has a mild anaesthetic effect that helps temporarily soothe pain in the area. This is another unique action of natural propolis that makes it especially useful for children’s wounds.

Natural Life™ Propolis and Manuka Honey spray combines two of nature’s most powerful natural antibactertials in one convenient pack. The spray pack allows you to easily apply Propolis and Manuka Honey spray to skin or the mouth/throat without the need for cotton swabs or gargling. A simple squirt and you’re done!

As with all Natural Life™ products, this Propolis & Manuka Honey Spray is manufactured according to the highest quality standards from the best quality raw materials available. Add Natural Life™ Propolis & Manuka Honey Spray to your healthcare cabinet or handbag for easy natural health support!. 


Honey is a blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties.

Honey has been valued as a natural sweetener long before sugar became widely available in the 16th century. Honey production flourished in ancient Greece and Sicily, for instance, while animals other than humans – bears, badgers, and more – have long raided honeybee hives, risking stings for the sweet reward. Honey is truly a remarkable substance, made even more extraordinary by the process with which it is made. This blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids is quite unlike any other sweetener on the planet. And while honey is high in fructose, it has many health benefits when used in moderation (assuming you're healthy).


Would you wash your face with a floor cleaner, drink your laundry detergent or inhale engine de-greaser?  When you use chemical products on your skin you actually ingest them, just as you do your food. In doing so, you’re feeding yourself dangerous chemical toxins...


What if you knew that younger, healthier, more radiant skin was within your reach, and not from a tube or a jar?

Do you long to look young forever?  Are you constantly buying new anti-ageing products and creams or tempted by surgery to make you look younger? The youth and beauty industry is huge and constantly growing.  We’re accustomed to associating beauty with youth and are forever chasing the secret to younger looking skin.  But what if you knew that younger, healthier and more radiant skin was well within your reach, and not from a bottle or a jar?


The Australian Bush is a magical place, full unique wildlife and picturesque landscapes, but did you also know that it's full of natural medicines?     

The Australian Bush is a magical and mythical place, full unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes and rich with cultural history.  But did you also know that it is full of natural medicines?  The Australian Aboriginals, were highly skilled natural healers, and some of their most potent medicines were made from natural bush remedies.  Two such remedies that are both widely used by modern society are natural Eucalyptus Oil and Tee Tree Oil. 


Want a fast, 100% natural way to ease the pain of your sore throat?

Are you under the weather?  As if aching and fatigue isn’t enough to bear, then there’s the pain of a sore throat.  A sore throat is a constant pain, and one seemingly without end.  The good news is that you can help to heal your sore throat using antibacterial products such as propolis.

How do antibacterial products work on sore throats? The antibacterial properties in a product such as propolis can inhibit growth of bacteria; the same destructive organisms that cause the illness in the first place. A sore throat typically occurs from bacterial or viral infections. The inflammation in the throat is our bodies natural protective response, and a product like Propolis – with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, can help kill the infection and ease the inflammation...

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