Supporting your immune health is important all the time, but sometimes we’re at greater risk or exposure to infection than others.

Here are 5 times you should supercharge your immune health:


1.    Before and after surgery
When you undergo a medical procedure, big or small, it’s vital to be in optimal health. A strong immune system can help avoid illness in the lead up to a procedure and reduce the likelihood of infection afterwards. Good immune health will support your response to surgery, assist healing and speed recovery.

2.    Before travelling
The confined space of an aircraft is a haven for spreading germs. Street foods, convenience foods, water supply and time spent in public places or in transit expose us to greater risk of infection than usual. Jet lag, fatigue and the stress of travel take a toll on immune strength, so extra support before and while travelling is vital.

3.    Times of physical and mental stress
It could be a big project at work or lots of overtime. You may be training for a sport event or just juggling lots of balls at once. Whatever the case, stress impacts immune health and leaves us more susceptible to infection. If you foresee a stressful period ahead, good immune support is essential.

4.    Recovering from illness
Poor immune health can create a cycle of sickness; getting over one illness only to face another.  This can be debilitating, especially where serious illness is concerned. Actively building your immune health during recovery can reduce the chances of repeat illness and at the same time, help speed the healing process.

5.    Time with children
Kids share food, drink, and …saliva! They’re less likely to cover their mouths when coughing or to wash hands thoroughly. It’s no wonder germs spread like wildfire at schools, preschools and play centres! If you share your time with children, a strong immune system can help you avoid sharing their common childhood illnesses!

How to supercharge your immune health

Vitamin A – An immune system builder that helps fight infection. Find it in carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and cod liver oil.

Vitamin C – Keeps disease-fighting white blood cells active, speeds wound healing and helps reduce the duration of viral infection. Get Vitamin C from blackcurrants, oranges, tomatoes and Kiwi fruit.

Extra antioxidants and bioflavonoids are essential. Find them in leafy greens, citrus fruits and dark berries. Both assist the healing process and speed of healing. Bioflavonoids enhance the effects of Vitamin C – another immune boosting benefit.

Zinc is a powerful antioxidant and immune support. It’s found in oysters, pumpkin seeds and wheatgerm.

The herbs astragalus and echinacea are often recommended by naturopaths to support immune health.

Natural Life Recommends: Propolis is naturally high in antioxidants and active bioflavonoids. This is why it’s often recommended for immune strength and improving the body’s natural immune function.

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